Matt Wright Wild Croc Territory Netflix Series

Get to know Matt Wright, his family, and his courageous cast of crocodile experts as they return to Australian and international screens in the hit TV show, Wild Croc Territory. Expect to see encounters with a diverse range of animals, from crocs and snakes to wild buffalo, as the team works to preserve and protect wildlife through peaceful removal and relocation.

What is Matt Wright Wild Croc Territory Netflix show about?

Released in 2022, Wild Croc Territory is a Netflix documentary series that follows the life and adventures of animal relocator and wildlife expert Matt Wright. In its first year on screen, the series reached Netflix’s top ten shows list, thanks to an outstanding viewer response which saw a staggering viewership of over 16 million people within the first month of its release.

In Wild Croc Territory, you’ll get to come along for the ride as Matt and company track down, capture, and transport some of the most dangerous animals in Australia’s Top End. Plus, you’ll get to watch some of the most thrilling encounters with native Australian crocodiles ever seen on a TV show.

This series is an incredible display of natural beauty, action, and adventure, including all of Matt’s close calls with danger that’ll be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. From fending off scaley visitors at home, to honing traditional foraging techniques with First Nation elders, to saving family fishing trips from tragedy – Wild Croc Territory is a true representation of the touch-and-go lifestyle that comes with wrangling and relocating wildlife in Australia’s outback.

Where to watch Matt Wright’s Wild Territory

You can watch all ten episodes of Matt Wright’s Wild Croc Territory Season 1 on Netflix…

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Who is Matt Wright?

Raised on the rugged plains of the Australian Outback, Matt is no stranger to facing precarious situations on the job. He’s spent time as a horse wrangler, oil rig worker, Australian Army soldier, crocodile egg collector, and, most recently a professional helicopter pilot and instructor.

Today Matt’s unique skills, passion, and knowledge have led him to his career as a wildlife relocator. Utilising his skillset as a helicopter pilot, Matt is able to access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach; sticking by his tried-and-true motto “any animal, anywhere, any time.” Learn more about Matt Wright.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright's unique outback lifestyle and knowledge of helicopters, boats and airboats has led him to develop some of the most unique tourism experiences in the world, in Matt’s Wild Territory series

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