Tips To Remember For A Helicopter Tour In Darwin

At Matt Wright Wild Territory, we pride ourselves in our one-of-a-kind scenic helicopter flights around the Darwin region. We offer our guests an exhilarating Darwin outback tour experience via our heli adventures up in the sky. From flying over the amazing sceneries of the Top End such as the Litchfield National Park and the Tiwi Islands, to heading towards fishing spots, waterholes, and pubs in Darwin, our helicopter tours are fun adventures in their own right.

But before you get on one of our helicopters for the tour of a lifetime, here are some tips to remember so you’re ready for your helicopter adventure around the Darwin region.

Don’t be anxious

It’s totally understandable for helicopter flights to trigger feelings of nervousness especially for first-time flyers. We also know that simply not being anxious is easier said than done. However, being a bundle of anxiety throughout the helicopter flight will prevent you from enjoying the scenic tour around Darwin. If it helps, practice breathing exercises beforehand to help you calm down. You can also talk to the pilot beforehand about the safety measures to get some assurance that you’ll be alright and alleviate your worries.

Always listen to the pilot

Speaking of the pilot, always pay attention to what they’re saying. From all of the regulations during the pre-tour briefing down to the minute instructions such as where to sit, know that they are the ones most equipped to keep you safe during the trip. While they will do their best to ensure a smooth and worry-free ride, it’s also up to you to follow their instructions to ensure your own safety. Otherwise, you might cause mishaps on the ride, which will make it difficult for the pilot to perform their job.

Make sure you’re dressed for the trip

Always dress appropriately for the helicopter flight. Not only is this a part of safety rules, but it’s also for your own comfort. The go-to wardrobe for helicopter rides are dark-coloured clothes, protective layers, jeans, and closed-toe shoes. Dark colours are a must to avoid your clothes reflecting the sunlight and ruining your photos. For the layers, make sure you wear a jacket or windbreaker to keep yourself warm amid the cold winds. Finally, closed-toe shoes are secure and not as prone to falling off while in the air. On that note, definitely avoid any loose and flowy clothing that can get snagged in between doors and windows. Opt for a simple shirt and jeans under your protective layer instead.

Avoid bringing loose items and secure them beforehand

Avoid bringing loose items inside the helicopter as well. They might get blown away by the wind during the ride, flail around inside, or get caught and damage the rotor system. For the items that you do need to bring, such as your phone for pictures and your sunglasses for sunlight protection, keep them secure to your body. A lanyard or a strap can help keep them in place.

Apply sunscreen for protection

While the winds can be cold during the helicopter ride, you’d still be prone to sunburns due to your proximity near sunlight. To keep yourself protected, make sure you apply sunscreen on your exposed skin. This is an absolute must, especially since the alternative is wearing a hat, which is a no-no as it’s loose enough that it can be blown off of your head. The recommended SPF is SPF 30 or higher for the sunscreen you use.

Watch out for different sights to see in Darwin

Once you have all the safety precautions checked, it’s now time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this special helicopter tour in Darwin. Be on the lookout for sights to see such as the Litchfield National Park, Kakadu National Park, and the Tiwi Islands. Try to spot some of the amazing creatures native to the area such as the crocs, dingoes, and wallabies running about, as well as the natural landscapes the NT is known for. This helicopter tour of the Darwin region and the Outback is a great opportunity to view nature and wildlife from a different perspective. Make the most out of it and marvel at whatever you can from above.

Book a heli adventure in the Outback now at Matt Wright Wild Territory! Check out our helicopter tour options and find the perfect one for your next trip!

We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present, and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation; we are proud to work closely with the traditional owners of the Northern Territory and to honour their land and culture in everything we do.

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