Guide to Choosing the Best Darwin Air Tour

Helicopter tours are a fun and breathtaking way to experience all Darwin has to offer from a new perspective. Just imagine yourself in the sky, high above the clouds as you view the sprawling landscapes of Darwin and the Top End in all their glory. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience you have to try for yourself!

With so many tour options available, though, how do you go about choosing the best Darwin air tour for your next adventure? Read our guide below.

How to choose a Darwin Air Tour

The first thing you need to factor in when deciding on your Darwin air tour is the experience you’re looking for. Want to visit the best fishing spots in Darwin? Looking to discover the natural wonders of the region? Itching to try out some of the pubs around the area? Take these into consideration when choosing what air tour you want to take to find the best Darwin air tour for you.

At Matt Wright Wild Territory, we offer the following helicopter tours:

Heli fishing adventures in Darwin

Our helicopter fishing tours in Darwin are perfect for both beginners and expert anglers. Hop on our helicopter ride and go on a journey to the best fishing spots in the region. You’ll be provided with the fishing tools you need for that perfect catch. You can even try catching the famed and elusive barramundi in these spots!

Helicopter tours in Kakadu and the Top End

For some nature sightseeing high up in the air, we also have helicopter tours that go to Kakadu and Litchfield National Park. Marvel at the wonderful view of the Northern Territory’s forests, river systems, abundant wildlife, and more in this immersive helicopter tour!

Heli pub crawls in Darwin

If you’re parched from all that exploring, our Darwin heli pub crawls should fix your thirst! Visit high-quality outback pubs and have a drink with your friends. Not only will you enjoy the drinks these pubs have to offer, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty and wildlife of the outback as well.

Explore the safety measures of various Darwin air tour providers

Aside from these helicopter tour packages satisfying your thirst for adventure, they should also be safe. Do your research on how these tour packages practise safety rules and regulations beforehand. They should also include briefing and debriefing sessions after each flight as part of their safety measures. Remember, a thrilling adventure doesn’t have to be a dangerous one!

Check out the prices for Darwin air tours

Finally, you should check if these Darwin air tours’ prices are within your budget range. Not only that, you should also be able to assess if the benefits for these tour packages are worth their price.

Matt Wright Wild Territory offers the following prices for our tour packages:

  • Helicopter Fishing and Airboat Adventure – From $1,650 AUD (full day) or $1,225 AUD (half day)
  • Heli Pub Crawl – From $995 AUD (full day) or $795 AUD (half day)
  • Kakadu Helicopter Tour – From $1,290 AUD
  • Top End Explorer – From $1,190 AUD

Whatever you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll experience the best air tour in Darwin with Matt Wright Wild Territory! Once you’ve made your choice, you’re sure to have an absolutely fun ride. Check out our helicopter tours here at Matt Wright Wild Territory!

We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present, and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation; we are proud to work closely with the traditional owners of the Northern Territory and to honour their land and culture in everything we do.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright's unique outback lifestyle and knowledge of helicopters, boats and airboats has led him to develop some of the most unique tourism experiences in the world, in Matt’s Wild Territory series

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