EGG Collecting season

Croc Egg

This is about the point where your second guessing your self wether this was a good idea or not.

When Andy and I first came up with this idea to use the ring we were tossing the coin on who would try it out first and experience the full brunt of a angry croc.
I lost
So away we went the first nest and a big croc, the heart rate was up adrenaline was pumping. In we went I stayed attached to the chopper and the croc hit the ring , its nose came through the side and she locked on and started to give me a good shake it felt like it lasted forever but in fact it was only a few seconds.
It worked she had a good hit shook me around and then left “perfect”
So that was it we were a lot safer using the ring and able to get up close to the crocs.
Nothing like Jumping in the deep end.

One female croc that was to close to the homestead so we had to move her and collect her nest. It was a good opportunity for the two cameramen (Ash & Jamie) to get there hands dirty and get a little hands on. The more they can get involved the more they will learn about the crocs and the better the shots will be.
The work these guys did was full on. They learnt quick about crocs and how to get the shots they needed, and how to stay out the way although Ash did have a close in counter when one grabbed the front of the camera and scared the shit out of him it left a good reminder on the front of his camera how quick they are and that you can’t take them cheaply.
As time went on Ash learnt a lot and came into some very hairy places with me and got some amazing footage of wild crocodiles protecting there nests at one stage he had one take off the nest and shot straight between his legs, I only wish I had a camera at that stage his eyes were as big as saucepans. It was quite entertaining, not for him though.

Willow hooking up Ash, and I think Ash was thinking wether this was a good idea or not. This was the time when we were making or pad in the middle of the swamp so the choppers could land and pick us up. The amount of spiders inn that place was hectic I had a massive one craw up my back and lock straight onto my neck. Ash had them all over the camera and then Jack was in with us and started doing his little jig because they were all over him.
Ash then was held above a rather large croc and it was jumping ten ft out of the water trying to grab him.
Mick then put him down a little way from the nest where the water was wast deep and the jungle and raser grass was well over his head he had to wait there till Mick picked me up and brought me into the nest. There wasn’t a sound to be heard or did he move an inch.
Not knowing the area or jungle that he was in and knowing that there was a 11/12ft angry croc not to far away it’s a pretty daunting place to be by yourself.Good Work

Peter Jigger a TO (traditional Owner) of the land that we are collecting.
Him and I about to head into our first nest and I think Craig is delegating some sort off strategy to get this job done.
We help Peter Jigger collect his country every year and try to teach, the up and coming you boys how to catch crocs and collect croc eggs.
This year we collected a lot of nest and just in time we got our last trip done at the end of Feb over on the Twi Islands right in the middle of Cyclone ——— which dumped a lot of water and flooded out any remaining eggs that were left on the flood plains