Croc Shoot

This was the crew that helped make the croc relocation episode all come together.
Croc Shoot:
The Team

What a great team! We had these three Italian Chefs that cooked for us over the two week shoot. They’d never seen a croc in their life .. so I took them out with me and when I caught a 15ft fella they absolutely sh_ _  themselves.
One of the boys kept wanting to catch snakes so I got a King Brown for him and explained it was the 2nd deadliest in the world. That slowed him up a little!



Jack and Will
Never having had much to do with crocs, Jack had been on my case to come catching with me for a few years. So this was his opportunity to get amongst it. He worked hard but hated creepy crawlies…and the place was full of them! It was quite entertaining watching Jack in the swamp. He has decided to get his chopper licence in the next twelve months.
Will is a great fella. I taught him to fly on the east coast of Australia.
He was a little accident prone and the swamps took their toll over the course of three weeks. By the time we left, Will was covered in sore’s, bite’s, and rashes – in places they’d never been before!



How lucky was that.
I was on my way to check and bait traps late one afternoon when I found this big fella out in the open.
We approached him in the chopper and Craig leaned out to throw a rope around his jaw. As the crocodile snapped on the rope, the other end became wrapped around Craig’s foot and nearly pulled him out of the chopper. We both got a pretty big fright! Once we were down on the ground, he showed a lot of pace and aggression but we got him in the end.




This was on our way back to camp one night after catching crocodiles. We had to move this snake off the road and Naish was a bit curious and copped a snake bite on the snout. I first came across Naish on the Sunshine Coast two years ago. She was living with a mate of mine in suburbia but she was causing all sorts of havoc. Naish decided to come north with me and we’ve been together ever since. She backs me up in every situation and I love her for it.