Corporate Event Venues In Darwin For Your Next Company Trip

At Matt Wright Wild Territory, we offer unique experiences in the Top End through our vast array of tours and activities. Whether it’s for families or a group of friends, our goal is to create exciting memories that you’ll cherish forever. But aside from simply catering to these groups, we also offer group bookings for various companies’ corporate event planning.

With so many thrilling sights to see in Darwin, our corporate event venues offer a one-of-a-kind experience, unlike your typical corporate meeting venues. These business events in and around the Darwin area are sure to entice your colleagues to participate, collaborate and mingle, granting all a well-deserved break after months of hard work. Our activities also help establish a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among employees, encouraging all to form long-lasting bonds that go beyond the walls of your workplace.

Check out what types of corporate events we have to offer in Darwin for you and your coworkers!

Hang out with your colleagues in a Top End Safari Camp adventure

The Top End Safari Camp group bookings consist of a variety of nature-centred activities that are sure to spark your taste for adventure. Traverse the beauty of the Litchfield region from an exciting perspective. Whether it’s from a helicopter above or on top of an airboat or billabong cruise, you and your colleagues will be immersed in nature and gain a newfound respect for it. If you and your office mates are a bunch of animal lovers, you’ll also love joining in on our croc encounters and feeding activities!

After all that fun and excitement, relax and unwind with our delicious BBQ feast made by our talented cooks. Munch on some food and enjoy a couple of drinks together while surrounded by the natural beauty of the Top End. And at the end of a tiring day, our Deluxe Lotus Belle Tents are there to offer a luxurious and comfortable glamping experience.

Live the best island life with your employees at the Tiwi Island Retreat

Get a taste of the island experience with your coworkers at the Tiwi Island Retreat! We have a bunch of unique activities to make your corporate event or trip, one to remember! From buggy riding around the island to fishing and helicopter tours, you’ll absolutely love everything the wonderful Tiwi Island has to offer.

We even have two cultural experiences completely unique to Tiwi Island: the Tiwi By Design Cultural Tour and Jilamara Fine Art Experience. You and your coworkers will get the chance to meet talented indigenous artists living on the island and marvel at their amazing artwork. These tours also give you a chance to learn about their culture, community, and way of life, hopefully inspiring you in your everyday life including your work.

With these cool experiences on the agenda, Darwin is the ideal place to be for your upcoming business event. You can either take the pre-planned packages or customise your trip to the liking of you and your fellow employees. Whichever option you choose, your corporate event planning is sure to be a success with us!

Enjoy corporate events in Darwin with a wild Outback twist here at Matt Wright Wild Territory! Send us a message and let’s discuss your next corporate event here in Darwin.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present, and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation; we are proud to work closely with the traditional owners of the Northern Territory and to honour their land and culture in everything we do.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright's unique outback lifestyle and knowledge of helicopters, boats and airboats has led him to develop some of the most unique tourism experiences in the world, in Matt’s Wild Territory series

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