Malaysia Boneo

What a great trip, we worked with the local wildlife rescue team, a great bunch of fellas that were keen to work and learn some new idea’s.

Dr Sen was the boss man for all the wildlife rescue’s and relocations. JB was the main man that answered to Dr Sen and run all the lagestics and corodanated the whole operation. Great chain of command and good relations between all the guys.

This was one of the longest days that we had. And I thought it would be a great idea to get the Reticulated python out a little early so we could get a couple of shots of it before we let him go. But the snake had a plan of his own to get away from us as fast as possible.

He took some holding and at the same time the croc tried to jump out of the bat just to add to all the commotion. We let the snake go into one reserve then pushed on up the river for another couple of hours to let the croc go. Wasen’t till about 9.30pm till we released the croc then the slow trip home began with the river full of massive floating logs, at 11pm the fog set in and at one stage the boat had done a full 180 and we were heading back up the river for half hour before Ash my camera man worked it out and told the boys we where heading the wrong way, 2.30am we arrived back at camp, only to have to get back up at 630am tostart catching the elephants, what a mission.

Here’s Jeff ,our producer after a long night out on the river looking for crocs. For the fist few days of getting to Suba we were building the croc traps during the day and looking for crocs at night, that was when we came across a couple of flat headed cats. So the days for the crew were pretty uneventful but gave them time to catch up on stuff that needed to be done, like sleeping

Catching crocs in Oxbow lake was quite a challenge. We had been told that there were five or six in there and when we went out at night to see if we could find any there were none to be found. We managed to catch one in the trap and by the time we had left we had five traps set, been out three times at night looking for these crocs and never seen another one. So I’m still not to sure how many were rely in there. I was happy that we were able to move one.
I think that these crocs in this lake have been there since the plantation was put in there about 10 years ago, the croc that we had caught was around 20 years old. At one stage when we were trying to get the traps into the water, Ash my camera

man nearly stepped on a spitting cobra, we all say it was a small Lizard though. Dr Sen what a carictor, and not to bad with the dart gun. Looks Ash is about to cop a dart in the eye, he’s just getting one of many shots so you guys can get the prospective of being in the field with us. The amount of extra shots that the camera’s have to get to make the show feel as real as it can is amazing, in some places there might be five or six different camera’s getting the one shot so when it gets made into a show you can see all different angle’s. Between Ash and Jeff they got them selfs in all sorts of places trying to get the shot, and what made t so hard over there was the terrensial rain that was coming in every day.

Rob, Jeff, Ash, Christoph, Dr Sen, JB, Myself and Duce hiding behind the Elephant. Catching and moving these Elephants was a great experience and I was very lucky to be able to give the Suba wildlife rescue team a hand to catch and move them. It might have looked a little harsh at times when we were putting the chains around the feet but it’s the only thing that would hold them. Plus Elephants are smart and they new that there feet were tied up and would not struggle or pull on the chains, it was quiet interesting to watch them feeling around the chain with there trunk trying figure out how they were tied down. We had a heap of rain the day we caught them and could not get back and pick them up for a couple of days after.

But for the whole time that they were there, there was a team of people keeping a very close eye on them to make sure that they would not stress out, and had plenty to eat and drink. I spoke to Dr Sen about moving these guys with a chopper and maybe next time I go over to help we might organise a big move in one day with a big chopper.